How many times have you made a doctor’s appointment, arrived at the appropriate time, signed in and then just sat in the waiting room, hoping and maybe praying, that this time, maybe, you will be seen in a reasonable time frame? I would venture to say, EVERY TIME! And why are you kept waiting?

Well, the reasons for your wait will vary with each appointment, but primarily the main reason, is because of overbooking. Most doctors are very busy, seeing, treating and having discussions with patients about their respective issues. But the problem is that while they are doing what they have to do for that patient, many others are waiting; to the point, that sometimes a patient will wait hours.

Again, there are many reasons, but is there an alternative? And for my patients, the answer is definitely YES!! At West U Chiropractic and Functional Medicine of Houston, we do not over-lap patient visits. When you have a 10am appointment, Dr. Stowe will, the vast majority of the time, be waiting for you to arrive. Why? Because he believes that your time is just as valuable as his. Especially for a patient that is in pain, having to wait in a doctor’s office for 30 minutes to more than 1 hour, is not only harmful to your condition, but in Dr. Stowe’s opinion, it is simply rude.

Did you know that the vast majority of visits to a medical doctor’s office are for some type of pain? Low Back Pain (LBP) is the most common complaint, but other conditions like knee, elbow and neck pain are also high on the list of common conditions that a medical doctor sees on any given day. But did you also know that chiropractic treatments have been proven to be more effective and less intrusive than most other treatment alternatives offered by the allopathic profession? Chiropractic treatments are extremely safe, effective and many times, more cost effective than what medical doctors prescribe. But the main reason patient’s should be seen by Dr. Stowe, is because he won’t keep you waiting. He also does not prescribe to the standard 15-30 visit protocol that many of his colleagues endorse. Many of Dr. Stowe’s patient’s conditions are treated successfully within a few visits.

So the next time you are in pain or have some other condition that requires a visit to a doctor’s office, why not consider West U Chiropractic or Functional Medicine of Houston as an alternative to waiting for hours, seeing your provider for 5 minutes and walking out with a prescription that may or may not effective (and with side effects), help your condition. West U Chiropractic can see you today!



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